Spikes, rails and other barriers

Various dimensions

Spikes, rails and other barriers is an on-going research project in which the hostile elements in the public spaces have taken a playful form. Hostile elements become sculptures and sculptures become hostile elements. In this way the distinction between protective elements of the artworks and the artworks itself is broken. The work shifts the perspectives on the space and making us to question how, if at all, the sculptures should be used?

The scultptures are a combination of the stable structures and their fragility. The reconstituted hostile elements made out of foam replicates the elemements of control in the urban space, such as anti-homless spikes. The unexpected softness works as an protection material in which the function of the brutality has removed. These paradox objects are open to interact with the public but also restricting their movement, and controlling seating. The sculptures challange the viewer to notice the restrictive vocabulary of the White Cube.

polystyrene, foam
size 120x40 cm

toilet plungers, metal poles, rope
size 200x10cm


size 100x120 cm

polystyrene, metal poles
size 150x120cm