Seen as Unseen
EKA gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
15.01.2019 - 09.02.2019

In collaboration with Misa Asanuma

The exhibition ‘Seen as Unseen’ implies the question of what is being hidden/revealed from the observers. The focus is on the relationships between inner and outer layers, covering and core, mask and truth. Covering or wrapping functions as the filter transmitting or blocking out the qualities of contents. In a selective way, it’s shaping the communication between inside and out.

Liina Leo takes interest in the ambivalent nature of materials. Modern societal norms demand a rapid cycle of consumption and disposal with objects such as plastic bags or product packaging. This in turn leads us to cover or hide these objects, away from our daily reality in attempt to forget their existence altogether. These remnants of the Anthropocene are now the center of focus, showing them in a new context, in remembrance of their continued existence.

Series “Temporal Structures”
thermoformed UV print on acrylic
size of each work 33 x 49.5 cm

Series “Temporal Structures”

Installation view

Series of handwoven textiles
PVC, wool
45 x 45 cm

Installation view

Installation view

silk, cotton