Physical and online exhibition

In collaboration with Will Britten

Continuing the journey through the materialism of the shipyards, the artists environment has become the microcosm through which they start to process and reflect understandings of the abated world around. Diislikeskus is a parody of dislikes and frustrations with that world, synthesised with the diesel-touched industrial objects and the bittersweet smell of benzene, it comes to represent that uneasy but familiar relationship: need but don't want.

Scale gives the work its surreal, playful nature. Like the strewn contents of a gigantic Kinder Surprise; bright yellow chains, deep black rubber and oversized toy cars are constructed into their bulky contraptions. The incorporated found materials are awkward and unergonomic play objects with no discernible function. On the other hand the scale and texture of the materials and the lofty environment is cold, uninviting and indifferent. This haruspicy of boats and machines divines no meaning, but puts the viewer into the uncomfortable thrill of perceiving from all angles the collossal, colourful and confining sculptures of Diislikeskus.

Text by Kristian Stapleton

Installation view